2 Books That Changed My Life, and Why You Should Read Them!

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Hey, girl, hey! I pray you’re doing well today!

Let me tell you this real quick. I recently had the opportunity to read and listen to two books, Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We’ve Made Up by Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Let me say this—life-changing! Listen, if you’re born-again, please add these books to your repertoire because: 1) we need to examine the postures of our hearts, and 2) we need to grow in every area of our lives. 

Heart Posture

How often do you see your mama friends and their hubbies and kiddos in light of eternity? What about the grocery clerk? Or the delivery drivers? Or those aggravating neighbors whose dogs bark at everything they see or hear? Every single one of them, of us, has an eternal destiny—everlasting life or everlasting punishment. By embracing this truth, should you be more aware of whether or not you’re doing the work of an evangelist and sharing the Gospel, including the parts that we might typically evade? I remember hearing the saying, “There’s a heaven to gain and a hell to shun,” yet, I don’t know if I’ve daily lived like I believe that. Erasing Hell will prompt you to live a life of more intentionality. If you are interested in other books on eternity, I highly recommend Driven by Eternity by John Bevere.

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Whole Growth

Yeah, we’re stay-at-home wives and mamas. Still, we shortchange ourselves—and God—when we refuse to ensure that all parts of ourselves are growing and developing. Did you know our existence shouldn’t be bound up in our husbands and children? Before many of us had either, we knew that we were handmaidens of the Lord. We’ve been His daughters, and He’s given us work to do. Yes, part of that is home management, but there’s another part. Are you also a writer like me? A hairstylist? An inventor? Whoever else you are, look for ways to remain that even in this season and incorporate your husband and kids. Why? Because God wants you to grow in every front and stop living in a shell of your worth. 

It’s funny how He used Rich Dad, Poor Dad to hammer this truth inside of me. 

If we look at the world around us (I mean, hello pandemic 😒), time is accelerating. Even looking into the realm of the spirit, we discern this as well. So, what manner of women should we be? Those who live boldly and courageously for our God, winning our homes and serving others, and living beautifully in our holy calling. 

I challenge you to agree with what God says about you and live that thing out loud, girlfriend. He desires for us to live boldly and without rival for Him.

Let’s show up today, every day.

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