3 Things I Learned About the Human Body

Listen, I’m not a licensed therapist or counselor; therefore, I cannot explicitly tell you what to do. The views in this post are MY OPINIONS based on personal experiences. Period. I cannot and will not diagnose you. Use your discernment or talk to your providers to see what’s beneficial to you.

We all know that our bodies are unique and largely self-sufficient, correct? Well, did you know that your body holds memories? Today’s post will talk about that and two other things that I’ve learned—or remembered—that will help you make wise choices for your health as well.

Body Memories

While going through a pretty challenging time these past few months, I remembered how our bodies store memories and not just our brains. Years ago, a former counselor of mine told me that while I was in the process of overcoming other traumas.

I believe we can tackle the strength of the traumatic memories our bodies store using prayer and reframing. Also, deep breathing works wonders, and you can find tips on how to do that effectively by watching this video.

Our lives follow our words, and if we are never building ourselves up in God’s Word, we’ll remain slaves to the traumatic memories our bodies hold against us.

Created to Live Forever

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I recently started going to the chiropractor, and something I read on my handout confirmed what I’ve always believed. God created us to live forever. The imprint on our cells is to regenerate and self-heal. However, suppose our immune systems are out of whack, and we’re disease-riddled. In that case, it makes it that much harder for cell regeneration to occur. Also, the other processes to help us stay healthy will wane.

Traditional medicine—and no, I’m not against it—say once something in our bodies stops functioning, it’ll likely not work again. But, biology tells us that there is hope. Still, it requires us to make lifestyle changes (physical and spiritual) to repair and restore ourselves.

The last section encouraged us to start the healing process by engaging the mind and spirit. Now, we pair those things with cleaner eating and the permission to rest and recharge.

Built to Obey

Even with the previous sections, the primary truth is this. Our bodies must obey something. Someone can eat the best foods, get proper rest, sleep, and exercise, yet they could still decline in their health. Why? They have to investigate what are they are telling their bodies to believe.

Suppose their thought life is poisonous and contrary to life and godliness. In that case, no amount of positive physical activity will help them truly live. All of it has to work together as one unit. As trichotomous beings, we have to maintain harmony on all planes for our bodies to heal, regenerate, overcome and endure whatever we encounter.

I know this post is a bit different than what I usually write, but I desire for us to win in our health. We can’t simply exist—Christ came for us to have life more abundantly. For what are you waiting? Assess yourself, get whatever help you need, and most importantly, pair it with the Word of God. Start living the beautiful life God intended for you! You owe it to your body!


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