3 Tips to Win, When You Don’t Feel Like It

It’s the last day of May 2021. The year of fun. I’m here. You’re here. Yet, on this Memorial Day, I found myself at a stalemate. My husband said something that every writing mama seemingly should find to be downright sexy: Go outside and sit in the shade.

Guess what? I legit dragged my feet into doing it. Yes, this same mama who sometimes cries dry tears because of exhaustion and needing an outlet, when presented with a not-so-hot day, hubby with no overtime, and his willingness to be with the boys to create, I didn’t know what to do. Guess what else?

I can’t blame everything on that nuisance, either.

Because sometimes my enemy is me.

You read that correctly.

This time, I was the culprit, and if I didn’t accomplish anything for myself today, I would’ve been the one to blame.

Girlfriend, if you’ve been here before or you’re here now, take heart because hope isn’t lost. Keep reading for these three tips to help win.

Falando Jones Photography ©2019

1. Be Honest

I didn’t have to say out loud to my husband that I wasn’t feeling like listening to him, but I needed to be honest with myself as to why I was on the verge of self-sabotage. Today, it was sheer laziness. I was in a rut that my lips said I wanted free from, but my lack of inactivity almost cost me the chance to enjoy fresh air, music, and alone time.

2. Start Moving

No matter what it is you need to do, begin moving towards that thing. I had no idea what I would write about, if anything, but I knew that I had to listen to my husband and at least grab my laptop and go outside. It didn’t even come right away what I would do. After listening to some lo-fi Christian beats and playing online solitaire, I was relaxed enough to begin writing this post. Isn’t that something?

3. Just Do It!

After I got relaxed and felt my wave come, I had to take it. I closed the game (but kept the music going) and opened up my blog. I didn’t have time to deliberate or wonder about anything because I knew it was my moment, and I refused to let it pass me by this time.

Girlfriend, what’s your thing? What is it that the busyness of life—or your ever-present eneme—tries to keep you from doing? When you find, or make, that opened window of time, do whatever is necessary to move towards it, and get it done! You have what it takes, but you have to push through to reach it willingly.

A new month awaits us tomorrow, so what can you do today? After I post this, I will plot my next month’s content, or maybe just next week—whatever my window gives me the freedom to do.

Choose well and wisely, mama! You got this!

Falando Jones Photography ©2021
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