3 Wonderful Ways You Inspire My Soul

I know you are ready to dig into how you’ve inspired my soul, but first things first.

I hope you have had a happy holiday season as we wrapped up 2021. I pray that your families are thriving and that you’re winning at life in all areas. I pray that you found a reason to look forward to this year despite the fears that have crept into our lives. I desire that you’re living each day with purpose and intentionality.

My family has gone through a tragedy that I’ll share with you later, but I thank you.

  1. You’ve Visited My Blog
    1. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re in the thick of life and can’t perform or deliver for others the way you’re hardwired, you can become discouraged. At least, that’s how it was for me. Yet, you were right here, reading, sharing, being present. That gave me my spark to remind myself when I’m ready, I can hit the ground running.
  2. You’ve persevered
    1. I don’t know what everyone’s story is but we all have one. We all have something that we struggle with, no matter how uplifting or faithfilled we can be. And you’re here, pushing through pain and purpose. You’re applying pressure wherever it’s needed. You’re resting and moving.
  3. You care
    1. If you’re reading this, there’s something about you that’s uniquely beautiful. You desire for others to win and be the best versions of themselves possible. Of course, there could be some trolls out there, but hey, y’all need love too. I appreciate you simply for choosing to care and love others, unconditionally.

My heart is complete, and I’m ready to get back into this beautiful blogging groove. May I inspire you to show up for life, one well-lived on purpose.



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