When the Message is for Me

Good evening, y’all. It’s 11:37 PM, and I’m listening to my littles fuss as one folds up his clothes, and the other does what one-year-old little brothers do—destroy said folded clothes.

They got frustrated with each other, and I couldn’t help but marvel at how the older one began to respond.

He got a little loud.

He got a little cranky.

And right when I was about to correct him, I got rebuked. Why? Because he’s emulating me. I’m not saying his response won’t receive a consequence, but I want to share what Abba was reminding me about with you.

  • Both Martha and Mary are necessary—but there must be balance
  • Practice what you preach

Martha vs Mary

My oldest was borderline distraught as his little brother ransacked his neatly folded clothes. I was pretty amused, thinking to myself, “It’s not that deep,” but Holy Spirit reminded me that my son saw me do the same towards him a few days ago. Definitely not my proudest moment—but God really does cause all things to work together for our good.

I don’t want my boys to do well only, but to be well. We’re not human doings but human beings. As someone who suffered from trying to perform and be perfect for earning God’s love (thank God for deliverance), with the help of Holy Spirit and the hubby, we’ll raise our children to know that their works aren’t what grants them acceptance—it’s their ability to receive from the Lord.

Because I Said So!

Listen, this gets me every time I say it. I won’t even capitalize on an example of how I’ve done, but I’ll say this. Whenever I utter those words, I remember something that the Lord told me to do. Then instead of going over into condemnation, I repent and assess how I can approach the subject differently. I refuse to break their spirits or misrepresent the Father’s heart.

I’m not your relationship coach, nor am I your counselor. I’m a daughter who gets it. I understand that it doesn’t always feel glorious to feel stuck on autopilot, but when we pause, take a deep breath and be; we find that His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses—one step at a time, blessed because Abba looked at our mess and embraced us anyway.

Stay encouraged, mama. We’ve got this—because He has us.



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