Transparency Post! My 5 Answers!

Hey, girl, hey! Did you read my post from yesterday? Well, here are my five answers to those five questions I asked over here. Well, without further ado, here we go!

Where are you with your creative arts?

I’ve been blogging consistently for 60 days now, and that’s a massive win for me. Yet, I know there’s more. There are other ways that I create, singing and dancing, to name a few, that I am itching to get back into. Honestly, it’s deeper than my desire. It’s connected to my purpose and calling. My focus, for now, is to continue cultivating a love for the arts in my children as I stretch and sharpen myself.

Have you assessed where you are in terms of progress, objectively?

Honestly, who’s grid are we looking at here? Without comparing myself to another person, I’d say I’m progressing well. Being a wife and SAHM is not a walk through the park, yet it’s priceless beauty and endless joy. That perspective is a choice, you know. Progress is forward motion in the right direction, even if it’s a small step. With that said, I love my growth. It’s not easy nor cheap, but I love what cultivating my gifts is transforming within me.

If you’re a writer/blogger like me, who’s your actual audience?

When I look at my followers, I have a diverse bunch of amazing folks. Thank you for the support!

Who’s your desired audience?

Well, ideally, other SAHMs and wives would find this to be an inviting space. Yet, I’m learning that maybe I need to rethink that. I’m glad that my content reaches across different groups.

Are you willing to drive outside of your lane if it’ll help you get to your destination?

I’ve been doing a bit of that with the intentional posts. Yet, I do feel there’s more that I could do that requires more stretching. But it’s worth it. I see the vision of what God placed in my heart, and I’m going to fight for it with great perseverance.

Well, here are the answers to the questions I asked you! Personal development is a must, so do what you must to be the best you possible!


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