5 Questions to Answer Now for a Powerful Win

Hey, creative queen! I would continue with the “Bible Backstories” posts, but I’ll save that for another time. Tonight, I’m asking you 5 questions you need to answer to get to your next powerfully. First, here are some personal reflection points that sparked these questions.

Reflection Point 1: Conscious Blogging

I consider conscious blogging as reader-driven content, possibly based on trending topics. Although I want to be more like that, I’ve used my blog to share my thoughts publicly. I know my posts are still engaging, yet, I want to tweak my content direction. Of course, my blog will remain faith + family + style while having more of what my audience desires.

Reflection Point 2: Consistent Blogging

Finally, I desire to show up and deliver daily posts. When I first began blogging back in 2008/2009, I was consistent. Yet, as social platforms and life changed, my focus waned, and I blogged occasionally. There’s nothing wrong with that—no law said we must blog daily—but consistency is essential, whether it’s daily or weekly. With consistency comes an air of authenticity and credibility, and that’s what I want with my readers.

I have a good bit of resources needed to make these personal, necessary improvements. As a creative, even if you aren’t a writer, could you relate to those points? If so, answer these five questions truthfully.

question marks on paper crafts
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5 Questions

  1. Where are you with your creative arts?
  2. Have you objectively assessed where you are in terms of progress?
  3. If you’re a writer/blogger like me, who’s your intended audience? Who’s your actual audience? (Sometimes these are different.)
  4. Reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki has persuaded me to learn something that will help me reach people better. Are you willing to drive outside of your lane if it’ll help you get to your destination?
  5. What can you begin today to increase your effectiveness as a creative for the kingdom of God and in the marketplace?

As I conclude this post, remember this truth. We can answer these questions but it will mean nothing if there is no follow through. I pray that we all are graced with the focus and grit we need to win on paper and in reality.



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