Apple-scented candles flickered

Under towering

Terebinth trees

Ubiquitously across the Grecian countryside.

Mia thought, Fall is almost here.

Never mind.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to flow when you feel like a train wreck. I’m not one; it’s just how my sinuses attacked me. The “poem” might not have made sense but sometimes that’s the way of life.


I’ve had to play catch up with my #postaday #dailyprompt writings and I’ve missed it. We often create deadlines that we unintentionally forsake and we beat ourselves up about it. The bitter sting of defeat reverberate throughout our beings. We recreate that initial moment, sighing, “if only…”

Somewhere along the way we lost sight of the Glorious One, in whom is the source of our creativity. We try to make it happen but we should follow His course and let things be.

Be our Muse, Glorious One, and warm our hearts with Your loving Son. Ignite our imagination and creativity, while granting us wisdom for when we should just be. The lives we live, the ones we lead, give us insight on how to succeed. As seasons change and the days go by, never let us forget our reason why…is You.


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Courtesy of Falando Jones Photography.

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