Hey there! I’m so thrilled to have you here on my site—for you to read my bio is the cherry on top!

I’m a lover of God and my family! Here’s my clan, currently comprised of my first-class, magnificent, stellar husband—also, my personal photographer—Falando


and our super intelligent firstborn son, DeAndrè.


My Genesis

I began writing short stories and poetry with no intention whatsoever to become a writer. Ha! My goals were to be a scientist and a business owner. Fast-forward to 2009, I began my first blog and realized there was something more to it than personal healing. I discovered my voice carries weight with the ability to help others.

Why Candace Chronicles?

Well, I didn’t know what to name my site at first, but I wanted it to be a hub shared among girlfriends across the world. My name is Candace and I’m also a chronicler. That pretty much sums up the title. LOL!

Faith + Family + Style

I’m all about Jesus, my family, and looking and feeling fabulous. Although beauty isn’t defined by what we see, we feel better when we are confident with our exterior. Thank God He looks beyond our flaws and loves us relentlessly. I thoroughly enjoy being a wife and mom! I couldn’t fathom my life any differently.

These are often my personal experiences, but this is a journey for all of us. Here is a place for growth, maturity, laughter, tears, wholeness, healing, and more!

Thank you for running this race with me, let’s win in this together!