Hey girlfriends! Candace A. Jones here. I think it’s time we get to know each other, okay? Now that you know my name…

A Little About Me

I’m a southern belle, through and through, born and raised in SC. I’m the youngest of three spectacular daughters, born to some pretty awesome God-fearing parents. When I was 13, my oldest sister beautifully changed my life after the birth of my oldest, brilliant nephew, who God would later use to save my life.

Throughout my childhood, I’ve been a highly imaginative and avid reader. Whatever I could get my hands on to read, I would pour myself into it. Amazingly enough, it showed because I’ve always had a knack for creating stories and poetry. I didn’t know that was one way God was revealing part of my calling and purpose—to win others through my words—but thank God I never turned my back on writing.

I was good at many things as a student—yet I didn’t fully know what to pursue in college. My degree path was to double major in biochemistry and genetics. My goals were to be a scientist and a business owner. Then, in 2009, I began my first blog and realized there was something more to it than personal healing. When I went back to college, I switched my major to English. I planned then to pursue a Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Linguistics. It was during that time I realized a degree wouldn’t validate me—only Jesus could.

Although writing short stories and poetry was my thing, I had no intention to become a writer. Ha! I discovered my voice carries weight with the ability to help others.

Now, I’ve embraced who God called me—a daughter of the King, a wife, and a mom. I’m a kingdom blogger, author, entrepreneur (in the mental wellness, financial, and clean beauty spaces), and a minister of the Gospel.

My Why

I’m willing to share God’s story of grace and relentless love. I know the power of redemption personally. Because of His matchless love towards me, I will forever give Him my best yes.

My why is to show others how we should use everything Abba gives us and let it accrue interest. I want other wives and mamas to brilliantly shine where they are and never dim their brightness because of the monotony that can come with the daily-ness of life.

When pleasing the Father becomes our motivation, we’ll never dull our shine for Christ again. We have tough seasons but our loving Father controls even them.

Here’s my beautiful family, currently comprised of my first-class, magnificent, stellar husband—also my photographer—Falando,

our super-intelligent, joyful firstborn prince, DeAndrè,

and our youngest, marvelous prince, Cailen.

Thank you for journeying with me. Let’s win in this together!