It started with a conversation I had with myself.

What do I want out of life? What is my life? What is life? He’s called me to be more than this but I had my reservations.

But, why?

As I kept prodding within myself to discover my problem, there was only one viable reason: I thought I could rightfully tell the King, “Wait a minute.”

But that audience of one became an audience of two. He imposed upon my solitude with a zealous love strong as death and reminded me why it’s a treat for me to wait upon Him and not make Him wait. That’s when my questions and limitations ceased.

He died so I could live.

He lives so I can live forever in Him.

He gave me His world so I can give His kingdom to my world.

I ended up not saying much to myself after that reminder because all I could do was weep. I’m just that special to Someone that He’d forsake heaven—and went to hell—for me.

And guess what?

He did it for you, too.

What’s His name?

♥ Jesus Christ ♥


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