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Hey, ladies. I have to come clean. Daily blogging is hard, really hard.

Since I started this personal journey, I’ve questioned myself many times. Below are some tips I’m choosing to implement to help me view blogging as the joy it truly is—I pray it helps you, too!

1. Schedules are Important

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Waiting until everyone is fast asleep before I create a post every night isn’t cutting it. Theoretically, it makes sense since sleep has found the children. However, I’m not at my creative best, and it’s much harder to create my best content when I’d rather sleep. I must tighten my daily schedule and place blogging/writing much earlier. Maybe it’ll be done during their naptimes if I’m also not napping.

2. Read More Books

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I read my Bible daily but rarely read anything viewed as creative writing. IAs I take moments to reflect, I feel my best as a writer when I’m reading more literature, especially books that encourage me to use my imagination. I have some books on my bookshelf right now that I could get the ball rolling. Yet, Bible reading could also fuel my creativity, depending on how I choose to engage. 🤔

3. Stay Hydrated

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I live in the south, where the heat during the summer makes one constantly keep an eye on their salvation. Also, the fight to stay hydrated is real because sometimes it gets tiresome to drink water all day long—yet, when my thirst is satisfied, my thinking is sharper, and I can see the stories waiting for me to write.

Thanks for joining my journey while navigating the beauty and struggle of consistently blogging with joy. I hope my choice to show up daily with transparency encourages you to do the same in your way.


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