Daily Prompt: Rush

I’m constantly on the go but today I chose to slow down.

Looking around my living room and for the first time I take it all in. Did you know if you stare at a crumb long enough, your eyes will create that beautiful Bokeh effect that photographers use to focus on the subject while making the background blurry? I never really thought about that.

Do you remember Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? Well, I wonder is that how those microscopic dust mites feel about us when we’re traipsing through the wilderness called home.

And that soothing hum of the fridge? Why did it have to make that sound instead of the call of a whippoorwill? I know these musings are not weighty in themselves but I’m grateful for these moments where I can give myself the space to breathe, ponder, reflect, and just be.

Life goes by fast enough so not every moment requires busyness. Today I choose to not be a busybody but to flow from a place of rest and being in Christ.

via Daily Prompt: Rush

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