Eliminating Distractions: I Kissed Gaming Goodbye

In this day and age so many things can bombard us and become distractions. As believers, we need to be mindful of what we focus on, especially since every moment counts—there are no minutes to waste.

In what will possibly be a series based upon my convictions, here’s my first post about what was once my number one distraction: games.pexels-photo-228963

I’m not saying that games in themselves are bad, but for me, I have wasted too many hours playing them. I would go to bed late at night due to games, spend many waking hours playing games, and start my day with them. It wasn’t healthy when it comes to my relationships, spiritual or natural. Honestly, they became an idol in my life. I told myself, “I’m playing these games to release stress and to unwind.” But really, how many hours would it take for game play to have me become stress-free?

Holy Spirit convicted me of it. I desired to grow closer to the Lord, but that was one thing standing in my way. He said in His Word that we should have no other gods before him and here I was, worshipping games. I know that may seem extreme (game worship), but is it? Whatever consumes our time the most is our principal focus, priority, treasure. I decided to quit all of it. They can’t prepare me for eternity, nor equip me for the ministry, nor help my heart be receptive to the Word of God.

I was transparent here and will continue. What are some of the distractions in your life that’s hindering your walk with the Lord and productivity? Let nothing and no one cause you to stumble. Redeem the time and have a blast while doing so!


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