One thing 2017 taught me is there is only one way to live.

Fearlessly on purpose.

While reflecting on what the Lord has been ministering to me in my quiet time, the Lord, in essence, whispered this dare in my spirit.

What will you do with 2018, Candace? Will you run and not grow weary or will you sit on what I’ve placed within you after I’ve already sanctioned your season to soar NOW? Will you limit Me by belittling your capabilities? Will you trust Me to lead you and guide you and help you birth what I’ve placed within you? I dare you to be great because, in case you forgot, I AM the great I AM. I’m willing to believe and see you fulfill it. I double dog dare you to choose life—My way. –Jesus Christ

I’m not perfect in my strength, and sometimes people judge me because they know my past. Some folks refuse to listen while others are so interested and try pumping up my vision they forget that the only way their pushing will be of eternal value is through orchestration of Holy Spirit.

Guess what?

This year, I have no limits. This year, I’m not bound by what you think of me. Nor what I think of me. What God has declared about me and keeps speaking over me is more than enough. Why? Well, anyone who has gone through great lengths of that degree—you know, sending only begotten Son to take your place and died on the cross, then rose again just so you could have eternal life if you want to—is worth believing and living for fearlessly.

I was a screwup, but He says I’m worthy. I was less than, but He made me priceless. I didn’t measure up because I didn’t finish college, but He said He has called, qualified, and chosen me For Such a Time as This.

It’s honestly a great feeling to live life in liberty! So, I ask you, will YOU join me in living fearlessly on purpose for Jesus in 2018, and beyond?


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