People. We like control, live for knowledge and are driven by success. We have created systems and standards regarding education and wealth. We focus so much on our professions, our careers begin to define us.

Pump the brakes!

We are finite beings. Period.

We were created for greater, yet we try to go at it alone, making our mark in this world by pursuing whatever excites that moment. No matter how limited we are, the Infinite One has invited each of us the right to obtain true life. He’s qualified to do this because He created everything and He is ever-present, living within and without the realm of limitations and time.

I wanted to share with you about the Infinite, Eternal One because I’ve come to find personally that He alone is the only One who makes my life make sense. He keeps me grounded when my plans fail, He fills me with peace when life’s hurricanes rage around me, and He’s forgiven me of every sin I’ve ever committed and has given me blessed assurance about my eternal destiny. No matter my limitations, I can rejoice because I don’t have to depend on me to make it. I get to rely on Jesus Christ.

Your beliefs may be different than mine, and you may hold different convictions, I just want you to know that no matter what, God loves you and has made way for you too; you won’t have to continue trying to figure out life on your own. He loves you exactly as you are, where you are and will extend you the grace to be who He’s created and called you to be.


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