For Such a Time as This—a poem

Hey, girl, hey! It’s that time again! When I wrote that poem yesterday, I sense God wants to redirect my creative writings. Guess what? I’m here for it! As He leads, I’ll work on the story, but most importantly, I’m going to flow with Him however He leads.

“For Such a Time as This”

A rhyme, a limerick, a stanza, or two
Prose’s free verse or stream of consciousness for you
Whatever I write and in all that I do
Will forever be for the glory of You

You gave me my song when I forgot I still had a beat
And the life changes made me stop moving my feet.
But You said, “No, daughter, I still require thee.
Let Me breathe life into your creativity.”

So it is, here I am, and here I stand.
Wife, mom, and writer are all a part of God’s plan.
It’s never been either or, just a lack of clarity.
Now I know I have permission just to be me.

I’m not sure where I find you in your process,
But mama, I’m here to say lift your head.
Your dreams still matter; it’s just the approach has changed.
He still calls out to you, not by your role but by your name.

It may seem hard and sometimes lonely what you must do
But take heart because the Lord will always see you through.
One moment at a time is needed to live out your purpose
because God called you into the kingdom for such a time as this.

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