From Overwhelm to Overflow

My different styles for each anniversary.

Hello, queens! Today is my anniversary eve to this hunk! To think we’re embarking upon our sixth anniversary is remarkable. We are celebrating with our family at the lake.

Yet, this post isn’t about my anniversary, but how I’ve prepared for it.

Hair Things

Every year I want to look my best by doing something cute to my hair. It’s usually braided, but this year I tried something different. I recently began following this YouTube DIY hair master, and frankly, her videos have been gassing me up. I mean, I feel like I’m pretty much a hairstylist now. 😅🤣😭

I decided to crochet my hair, with no leave out, using braiding hair. Sis, if you are clueless about what I’m saying, that’s perfectly fine. Just watch this video. 😉

What I didn’t consider is that although my edges are back—I had postpartum hair loss around my edges—they are still delicate. I couldn’t braid nearly as tight as usual. Also, I purchased the wrong braiding hair—I needed little to no slip with a kinky texture, and I bought the opposite. 🥴

Trip Prep

While my husband worked, I washed our laundry while cleaning and tidying up the house. All of this while holding it down with little boys of the ages one and three. 🙃🙃🙃

Mama is tired.

I packed nothing before hubby came home from work. This story keeps getting better, right?

Queen, you’ve been here before, haven’t you? You’ve gone great lengths to enhance your beauty while maxing out your schedule—then it seems to crumble under pressure.

Guess what we did? We stopped following the leading of Holy Spirit and pursued our ideas of perfection. That approach will cause us to fail every single time.

What can we do now?

Enjoy the journey! Jesus said He came that we may have an abundant, overflowing life, and we won’t experience that while pursuing perfection.

Yes, we can look our best and maintain a beautiful house, but we shouldn’t overwhelm ourselves along the way.

Choose to enjoy this day, because God gave it to you. I know I will!

Today at the lake 🥰

Happy Sabbath!

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