From Seed to Harvest–Keep the Faith

 Copyright © 2015  Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2015 Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.

While reading this morning in Matthew 21, something was unveiled in the Scripture for me. Reading the account of how many were worshipping and praising Jesus Christ as He rode through the city on the donkey, made me reflect on how many of those same people became offended when He died on the cross and didn’t continue with Him. That led me to think of the parable of the seed sown in four different types of soil.

The Word He spoke to them and shown them didn’t take root in their hearts. Instead, doubt and unbelief did. Therefore when they saw Him die, they grew discouraged and thought they were without hope. This is how it’s presented in that parable as well. The pressures of life and the cares of the world can make the soil of our hearts impenetrable so as to keep us from receiving the truth of the Lord.

What does this mean for us today? I believe the Lord wants us to remember not to get caught up on what circumstances look like but to take Him at His Word. If you’ve ever planted a seed, take a moment to reflect on the most basic steps. You had to cultivate and prepare that ground to be able to receive the seed, all the while doing this in the right season and ensuring your garden’s location has adequate sunlight for whatever you’re planting. After depositing each seed in its hole, you had to cover it and water it.

In all of that, there is an essential ingredient that you had to have and truth you had to know. The ingredient? Faith to expect your seed would grow. The truth you needed? Knowing that you couldn’t make it grow but you could make sure that all of the conditions were right so that it would.

This is how our spiritual life is. We have to prepare our hearts to receive the Word of God and watch over it to keep those things that would hinder us from doing their job. We don’t always see what’s going on with that seed that we received, but when we are tested and tried in an area, our response will show us what kind of soil our hearts are. It’s a process. It can be grueling or daunting, but we have to believe that the Word of God will germinate and flourish in our lives. We must not get discouraged before we see the manifestation of the harvest.

Encourage someone today to press on and don’t give up. Embrace the process and keep the faith.


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