God Bless America!

🇺🇸Happy Independence Day!🇺🇸

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance.”

Psalm 33:12, KJV

For any international readers or those new to my blog, I’m an American, and today we celebrate our freedom as a nation from the rulership of England. I’m also African-American; however, that does not stop me from observing and being grateful for this holiday.

Let’s go there—but different than how you might think.

Look at the opening Bible verse again. There we read that a nation is blessed when the God they serve is the LORD. Why is this important? Just keep reading.

Those of us in this beautiful country who are still patriots have to get back to the basics. None of us were here when our forefathers were, and we don’t fully know their hearts unless Holy Spirit reveals. Yet, when I think of our pledge, because I am a daughter of the living God, when I say “one nation under God,” I’m claiming this nation for Him. If you are born again and believe as I do regarding this land, you have a kingdom mandate.

Battle of the Gods

I’m not going super deep right now, but I want to bring something to your attention. Have you ever read Psalm 95? Well, verse three says, “For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.” Read that again. Did your jaw drop when seeing the word “gods”? Mine did the first time too. How does that relate to the USA (or your nation)? If children aren’t reciting the pledge, they might not learn this nation belongs to the LORD. They’d turn towards a godless society, and if they ever think that the King above all gods is on an equal level with the others, they’ll become irreverent. Irreverent people are unrepentant people who reject the truth. Check out a few verses for support about what I’ve said so far. Read the surrounding verses or entire chapter if you desire full context. Holy Spirit will reveal what He wants you to see if you trust that He will.

The enemy, the god of this world, is contending for the souls of our nations (sounds familiar?) because he knows that those who reject the LORD’S leadership oppose Him—and nothing can successfully contend with Him and win. So Satan, and his defeated cohorts, are trying their best to overwhelm and weary the saints of God for that to become our reality. He’s using race wars, history, offense, sexism, watered-down theology, sexuality, and fear to accomplish his mission.

How Should We Respond?

If you’re a parent or influence children, model living an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ before them. Christ-like living is easy as we entirely surrender to Him, mindful to stay in consistent fellowship and obedience with Him. Once they embrace the majesty of the living God, start connecting the dots with why we stand in the gap for our nation and pray for her.

Teach them the history of our nation—and the importance of their identity. A confident child is affirmed because they understand the Lord defines them and not their skin color nor their socioeconomic status.

Understand that the nation’s issues are spiritual wickedness manifesting naturally. Now, we won’t downplay what’s going on, but we must attack it at its spiritual root.

Remain faithful to what the Lord has entrusted unto you. Love your hubby and train up your children as unto the Lord. Be a homemaker unto the glory of God. Share the Good News of the Gospel in your daily living. For instance, next time you’re in a long line at the grocery store, maintain joy and peace instead of yielding to anger and frustration.

This world is not our home; however, we can shine our light and love beautifully to help advance God’s Kingdom and having His courageous, compassionate, and uncompromising heart for our land.



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