Three Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Day with Holy Spirit

Good morning Holy Spirit

Have you ever wondered how to strengthen your walk with Jesus while learning who the person of the Holy Spirit is? In Benny Hinn’s Good Morning, Holy Spirit, readers get a beautiful introduction to that, including the importance of starting your day in His presence.

According to Hinn, this book aims for one to “begin a personal relationship with Holy Spirit” and “transform [one’s] spiritual life.” These last few years have shown us that an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit is vital for our faith walk and resolve.

Time and again, we’ve all received advice regarding positive practices and their effects on our day. Here are three tips from this book that will boost your day.

Greet Holy Spirit First

Hinn recounts the times upon waking he’d say, “Good morning, Holy Spirit,” with outstretched arms. Thinking of the simplicity of that gesture, one would almost forget the weightiness of that action. It reminds us that Holy Spirit isn’t a thing. He’s the Spirit of God and deserves our greetings. The Holy Bible refers to Him as our comforter; speaking to One who longs to embrace us only makes sense.

Secondly, we are declaring what we value the most. Honestly, I’ve been guilty of reaching for my phone to check the weather and had to fight against the other distractions awaiting me through those social apps. As a believer, my relationship with Holy Spirit should take precedence over everything else. When it does, I’m setting myself up to win because I’m placing value on Him.

Linger Longer

As a stay-at-home wife and mom, the to-do list never seems to end. Yet, I better conquer the day when I choose to linger in the Lord’s presence until He releases me. Intimacy with Holy Spirit causes us to dwell with Him without watching the clock. When we’re not rushing away from Him, He gets to flow even more profoundly within us, revealing His heart for our lives and ministries.

Ask About His Desires

Remember that to-do list? Write it in pencil because it may have to change. Yes, lists are helpful to keep us on track, but when the bane of our existence stems from what we accomplished based on those lists, we’re missing the mark. Proverbs tells us to acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways. Therefore, we will place our lists and schedules on the altar and ask Him what His plans are for us today. Sounds strange? That’s okay; know that following Holy Spirit’s leading today prepares us for tomorrow’s victories.

Overall, I give Good Morning, Holy Spirit a 5/5. Hinn provides depth and insight regarding spiritual growth alongside his personal story and practical steps in getting there ourselves. It was well-written with thought-provoking study questions for each chapter, including scriptural references. Although Hinn is articulate and eloquent, the book points us to the Lord Jesus Christ, the heart of the Holy Spirit.

Well done.

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