Grateful Anyway

Hey, mamas! I hope y’all had an amazing week and that the weekend is looking promising for you.

It’s Friday, and I want to use today to share with you. Not an advice column-type thing, but just me and where I am right now. I hope you share any highlights, praise reports, or prayer requests in the comments.

I’m so grateful for my little crew. However, sometimes it crosses my mind one little question—am I qualified for this? Of course, I know no person can validate or affirm me as a mother, but there is One I can always turn to for comfort.

Today was one of those, Lord, I’m just going to trust You and praise You anyway. Even as I type this, my precious boys are still awake. This is quite an unexpected time in my family’s life where there’s a lot of pruning, stretching, unearthing, pressing, and shaking. None of it feels good.

But God is still good.

He is still God.

He’s still our Father, and I’ve decided to live for and in Him no matter how it feels. Honestly, it can feel pretty frustrating.

But the Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever.

And because He lives, I can relish in these moments that try to overwhelm me. I can look at them and sigh worship, posturing my heart the way it needs to be because I’m grateful and blessed.



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