Happy Mother’s Day, Wise Woman!

A wise woman builds her own home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.
Proverbs 14:1, NLT

It is hard to believe that Mother’s Day 2023 is here—and almost gone! With so many messages we receive as lovely homilies on motherhood, I want to give you this reminder: you have what it takes.

As a daughter of the King, you have what it takes to build your home. It does not have to be glamorous or perfect—yet love and kindness should adorn it. You can have the prettiest house on the block, but if your atmosphere is toxic because you’re not providing it with the character and compassion of Christ, you have nothing.

Mother’s Day 2023. Falando Jones Photography

What qualifies me to speak like this to you? Well, I’m first talking to myself. I choose to live this message daily, and by God’s grace, I am growing there. I don’t want to major in the minors.

This isn’t impossible to attain; it all depends on our posture.

God’s Word tells us that it’s Christ in us, the hope of glory. When we ponder on that, we realize the same One who created the universe gave us significance. That same God, who is the I AM, gently reminds us of that truth so we can rely on who we are in Him to live life effectively for His glory. That includes motherhood. It’s the grace of the living God that causes us to turn our houses into homes, despite our imperfections.

How can we do that? Lean into Holy Spirit and follow His lead. He’s our secret sauce. The wisdom of God at work in the woman from Proverbs 14:1 grants her the ability to transform her house.

This is us—we are that woman. We don’t have to stress about the conditions of our homes when we lead by the spirit.

Lean into the Lord, and remain encouraged.

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