Happy Sunday!

Hey, ladies! Today was lovely! God is so amazing! He stretched me beyond my limitations, and He’s continuing to manifest the answers to my prayers.


When talking with a beloved friend today, she reminded me to work on my breathing. I wasn’t frustrated when she said that either because I needed that reminder. Loves, how often are you paying attention to your breathing and the quality of it? No, this isn’t me compromising. We have to remember that the Lord breathed the breath of life into us, and we need to receive resuscitation regularly.

Next, you’d never believe what happened. I came across an old blog post called, “Stop. Take a moment. Breathe.” Listen. It was so good! Click the link below and be encouraged to do what it says. Be sure to come back here to this post and comment with your thoughts; I’d love to hear from you!

Stop. Take a moment. Breathe—the blog post.


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