Happy Sunday ☀️ Breathe in the Lord’s Breath

Hey, ladies! Today was a lovely, happy Sunday! God is so amazing! He stretched me beyond my limitations and continues manifesting the answers to my prayers.

the word breathe as concept in saving earth
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When talking with a beloved friend today, she reminded me to work on my breathing. I wasn’t frustrated when she said that either because I needed that reminder. Loves, how often do you pay attention to your breathing and the quality of it? We may not think this, but deep, focused breathing is healing and cleansing. This type of breathing also encourages us to slow down and engage with the current moment without the rush of hurrying to the next task. Likewise, the Lord breathed His breath of life into us, and this exercise keeps us anchored in His breath in our lungs.

Guess what happened next? I came across an old blog post called “Stop. Take a moment. Breathe.” Listen. It was so good! Click the link below and be encouraged to do what it says. Please return to this post and share your thoughts below; I’d love to hear from you!

Stop. Take a moment. Breathe—the blog post.


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