Have Faith. Dream. Execute.

If someone challenged you to deny everything you believed in, would you succumb to their whims? If the phrase, “Well, everybody’s doing it,” was the mantra that everyone around you seemed to prefer, would you change your convictions? What is it that makes you loyal to your faith? Even if you don’t think you’re a spiritual person, you have faith in something, even if it’s just you.


Enlighten me because I want to know. What do you expect for your life? What are your goals and how do you plan to reach them? Is it risky and if so, are you brave enough to count the cost? Do you have a confidante, mentor, or significant other with whom you can express your dreams and receive the confirmation to release creativity?

I’m sure these seem to be some hard questions, but we have had enough fluff. God has a plan for each and every one of our lives, and it begins with realizing that He loves us exactly as we are. And is gracious enough to change us into who He’s called us to be. You know what is beautiful? His love reached down into the cacophony that was the songs of our hearts and paid the ultimate price so that we could have a new identity in Him, no longer slaves to sin or self.

Let that simmer in your soul for a moment.

Jesus Christ descended into the depths of hell. He faced what should have and would have been our eternal abode—but God! He arose and ascended on high, proving to be victorious over death! There is no secrecy or mystery regarding the Truth; because of what He’s done and who He is, we are free to be!

Be encouraged to dream, plan, execute, and most importantly, trust the Lord with every single step you plan to take. His ways are perfect, and He knows best. 


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