Heaven Sent

“I have nothing more to say!” Rhiannon exclaimed.

“Oh,” said Sheridan. “That’s not what Tristan said.”

How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t know Tristan?!”

Panic riddled Rhiannon’s heart like the bullets she was sure they were planning to use on her.

What if they find the relic? What will they do with my money?


“Sheridan, I promise you, Rhiannon is the girl from Aspen Alcove and she’s that same one snooping around in Grandpa Jett’s garden!”

She replied, “I don’t doubt you, Tris, but she was pretty wound up when I questioned her. She was afraid. I know we cornered her but you would’ve thought she was going to get killed. It was the oddest thing. Rhiannon is crazy.”


Where am I and what am I doing with these cuts?! Ugh! Why didn’t I listen to my mom? Maybe she was right when she tried to get me to go to church. But I ca—

Suddenly, terror clawed at the depths of Rhiannon’s soul with fear so paralyzing she couldn’t open her eyes. But that didn’t matter because her master toyed with her whether awake or asleep. He couldn’t let her finish her thought because he was hated the idea of her being free.



It was just a dream, perhaps, but Tristan knew he needed to pray. Somewhere Rhiannon was in the fight of her life, and she didn’t even understand her enemy.

As he knelt by the bed and talked to the Lord, peace came over him because somehow Tristan knew that help was on the way.

Come on, Michael. You heard his prayer. The Captain of the Host of Heaven’s Armies has sanctioned us to go. Carroll’s station is by Tristan’s side.

What will become of Rhiannon? Stay tuned for more in Heaven Sent.

via Daily Prompt: Thwart

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