Sweet Welcome, Blessed September—Harvest is Now!

Hey, girl, hey! We’ve made it to a new month! God is so good!

What good things do you think of when it comes to this blessed month of September?

I think of my youngest son’s birthday, the beginning of autumn, and harvest.

Speaking of which, I’m getting into gardening, although it’s late in the year. It’s better now than never.

judges desk with gavel and scales
Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

The Balance

One thing is for sure; I believe this is the month that obeying the voice of the Lord makes the difference. No matter what we have on our lists and goals, we need to ensure that we’re living each moment in a way that makes it matter for God’s glory. Lives are in the balance, with many still in the valley of decision. They’re waiting on us, the daughters of the King, to come alongside them and encourage them, without judgment, yet with boldness and bravery. Let’s link arms with each other and grow into the women we were created to be.

In this month, show who you are. Whose you are.


Featured photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

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