I Won’t Throw in the Towel

Hey, girl, hey! I’m going to come clean. Talking to a girlfriend today, and I solidified something out loud. This month’s blog content has been an online journal for me. Some days I don’t feel that creative or like I have anything to give because ya girl gets tired.

Don’t we all?

Much is going on in my world that my posts don’t even scratch the surface, but the beautiful truth is I’m determined. I decided to press and persevere and to stretch myself to show up more. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I know that my posting doesn’t always fit the guidelines for attracting folks and all of that, but sometimes we need to see an authentic person. Of course, I can get to implementing all of the SEO tips and strategies. However, at the end of my day, when I take the time to sit down and blog, I’m pretty spent. I desire to show up well consistently for you and me.

I felt like going straight to bed, but I won’t throw in the towel. I’ve come too far to quit now. Whatever struggles you’re facing, I pray the same for you. There’s so much more to you and much value you bring that the world needs. Don’t lose yourself in being a wife, a mama, a student, or whatever you are. I believe in you. So does God. Keep going, boo thang, because we got this!


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