Into the Light

Not sure where to turn, Rebekah stood trembling beneath the dim light. She knew she had no reason to fear but it choked her anyway.

Gage looked in her eyes and warmly said, “Mommy, it’s alright now. Don’t you feel them singing?”

Immediately, the terror Rebekah felt was replaced by what she would later describe as heavenly, holy, caresses. The tremors ceased and love stilled her as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Her boy was right.


All they owned was in her bag, but somehow she knew that life was looking up for them. Why Jesus thought she was worth it she hadn’t figured out. She didn’t need to—she chose to believe. Rebekah, the homeless tramp from a little community called Oats, the college dropout, the unwed mama was handpicked by the Lord to change the world.

“Yeah, Gage, I do. We can do this, sweetheart. Let’s go.”

With a smile, they set off towards who knows where but with one mission in mind—to share the heart of Jesus.

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