Introducing Author Charity “CiCi” Jackson

Hey, girl, hey! It’s Saturday, and I wanted to bring you something fresh. One way to do that is by celebrating my friends. She wrote Jesus Posture over three years ago, and honestly, this book will have you seeking God deeper and in a more meaningful way than ever before.


I’ve felt like I’ve known her all of my life, and when I say she exemplifies the love of Jesus, she does. And that doesn’t mean she is a pushover, quite the opposite. Yet, when she delivers a rebuke, it’s felt like a love song.


Listen, friendships should bring life and foster happiness, and that’s what we have. I can count on her to encourage me to see things from the proper perspective and receive from me.

Mrs. Jaxon

She’s a wife, a mother of three, an entrepreneur, and a lover of all things Jesus Christ. CiCi helps other business savvy WOG with their branding and has a heart for prayer, apologetics, and intercession. If you are interested in finding out more about her business, visit her website,

Be sure to connect with CiCi and purchase Jesus Posture today! Contact her to find out how. Follow her on social media; you won’t be disappointed! Love you boo!



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