Introducing Author Shanette Howard Salami

Hey ladies! Remember the other day when I began a series on highlighting my friends?

Well, today, I’m about to continue with that now. I’d love to introduce you to know my friend and fellow believer, author, wife, and mama Shanette.

She doesn’t know I’m writing about her. This post isn’t an interview—just a shout-out.

Shanette, the Resilient One

Shanette is one of those women who will go to bat with you in the spirit and the natural–yet, she will not hold back telling you what you need to hear to change and grow. One of our very first conversations gave me that assurance to know how a sister in Christ looks. It also challenged me to be that type of friend, too; you know, the one who’s willing to say what’s uncomfortable if it’s necessary for growth.

She’s a superwoman, holding it down as a wife, a mom of two teenage sons (mighty God!), a career woman, and THE author of an AMAZING book called, How to Survive Marriage. When I post a review for that book, I’ll be sure to add that link here. Listen, if you want to change yourself and your marriage for the better, you need to read her book. You can find her on Instagram to find out how to purchase her book.

Shanette is truly a jewel, and my life is enriched because I get to do life with her as a friend and sister.

Well, what do you think? I think you should reach out to her. You never know what questions she can answer.

If you like this type of post, let me know in the comments. You’ll be seeing more of this in future posts because this is life. We celebrate and salute each other.

I celebrate you too, dear one. God bless you.


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