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 ©2016.  Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.
©2016. Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.

It’s 6:33 AM, and it’s my due date! Yes, I’m 40 weeks today! And you want to know something interesting? While up this morning, I thought about Jesus. I know that’s not an oddity for me since I love Him with my all and all; yet, the context that He crossed my mind was interesting.

No man knows the day or the hour when the Son of man should return. Matthew 25:13

One thing that pregnancy has taught me is how much control I don’t have over my life. The finiteness of humanity is real. We feel as though we will live forever and we make these 5, 10, 15-year plans, but our next breath isn’t even promised to us. My husband and I desired to be parents yet when we found out we’re pregnant, I began to see what the Word of God meant when it said that I’m not my own.

My eyes were opened in a way that I’m not sure I would have been able to see had conception not occurred. In a natural sense, the selfishness of youth and being just the two of us had to go out the window. God had entrusted me to grow a life within me, a life that would depend heavily on how well I treat my body and what I ingest, physically and psychologically. We don’t think about those things, but even the way pregnant women respond to possibly stressful situations and/or circumstances will directly affect the well-being of the child/children she is carrying.  

Fast-forward to this morning, earlier I stated that today is my due date. I’ve had contractions off and on up until this point, some Braxton Hicks and others intense. Yet nothing that has yet triggered active labor. Does that mean my son is not being born today? No, because a lot can happen in 24 hours. However, just because today is the “due date,” does that mean he is being born today? Not necessarily because we could have gotten dates wrong. Whatever the case may be, I have prepared as well as I can to be ready for that moment.

 ©2016.  Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.
©2016. Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.

What does this have to do with me thinking about Jesus? Well, in the book of Revelation, the Apostle John shared what Jesus Christ told him in that prophetic vision, “Surely, I come quickly.” Earlier in this post, I referenced a verse regarding His return. We won’t know exactly when that will happen, but the signs are manifesting all around us. Because of what we see and hear, both naturally and spiritually, we can be prepared and won’t have to be caught off guard when that trumpet sounds. Does that mean we will be perfect and have it all together? Definitely not in our own strength. Yet, the Lord should be able to find faith in us and hearts that are pure and upright before Him when He does come.  Stay watchful, stay prayerful, and stay focused on Him.

I know this post is a bit different than what I typically share, yet this is what it’s all about—redirecting people to Jesus Christ through everyday life experiences. I pray that His love continues to permeate your heart and flows upon others. Remain faithful in these last days. Pray for Baby Jones’ birth and may God continue to bless you all indeed!


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