It’s Worth It

Sometimes we get tired of fighting, pressing, standing, praying, hoping, believing, trusting. But anything worth having is worthy of the process. The race isn’t promised to the swift but those who are willing to run with patient endurance. Yes, it feels daunting and sometimes pointless to stay the course. What if God expects you to win? What if the One who created you knows that despite how troubling the situation or circumstance seems, He has equipped you with everything you need to make it through to the other side?

yellow cars on asphalt road
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These taxicabs serve one purpose: transport the occupant to wherever they desire. When someone hails a cab, they are not expecting the driver to provide them a meal, offer advice, or become best friends. Sure, those may be pleasant add-ins; however, the driver’s only purpose is to safely get them from point A to point B. 

You say you have faith but do you trust the Father to see you through? Do you have settled on the inside of your spirit that the work He started in you, He will finish? This truth doesn’t negate the fact that life can get extraordinarily tough. Yet, I like to hold on to the truth that my good, good Father is tougher still. Those desires He placed in my heart during childhood, I’m living them out today. Some things that I never thought I’d experience, I dared to trust Him instead of doubt.

I don’t know what your plight, test, struggle, or storm is, but what I do know is this:

If you give up before you see the fruit of your faithfulness, you’ll never experience the joy that is coming for you. If you do, it’ll take that much longer for it to manifest since you became weary in well doing.

Keep holding on and hope alive. Stay the course. When it looks too bleak, try looking to One who’s mightier than you to see you through. Who, you asked? Quite simple.

Jesus Christ, the Author, and Finisher of your faith.

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