Like Water in a Desert Place

I thought I would start with a story, but I think this is a bit of stream-of-consciousness. Comment your thoughts below. I’ll have my thoughts in the comment section as well.

Photo by Michael Block from Pexels

It’s in the dryest places of life that we can reach our most creative selves. That’s the trending thought, anyway. However, what happens when the drought seems to suck the life even out of the hardiest of plants? I find myself feeling like there should be more to me than this, but I get lost in my thoughts, wondering where exactly I begin.

Speaking of which…

Today. It’s a new beginning. The first of the month, the eighth month of the year. Life has tremendously changed since March 2020, yet I’ve welcomed it. God didn’t lie when He said that all things work together for our good; yet, I didn’t know how that would look and be for me. That’s the problem. The rut of figuring everything out and putting everything in their figurative boxes had me searching out perfection and performance. All this did was keep me in the wilderness even longer.

But oh, there’s a sweet spot! An oasis. A moment where I can just dig deep into His love and be revived so I can live again, yes, even thrive! It’s like water in a desert place.

Featured Photo by gabriel xu on Unsplash

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  1. Candace says:

    This post was challenging to write as burnout is real. However, I’m giving myself grace because I found beauty in doing the hard thing. We’re built to do hard things. 💗🔥

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