Love Where You Live

The summer is here, and you know that means! It’s time for fun in the sun! For this year’s Independence Day celebration, my husband treated us to a firework show that was quite the experience. Listen, it was great, although I wouldn’t recommend taking little kids to a show that starts after 9:00 PM, especially if they are younger than four. 🙃

While waiting for the show to start, my one-year-old noticed another baby, and they began playing together. Watching these little boys interact was beautiful, although I’ll honestly say I was a bit nervous. Many questions plagued my mind, even though the fear they held had no merit. All I needed to do was ask this child’s mother about her comfortability with our children playing instead of rehearsing various scenarios.

The Pun of It All

Reflecting on that time got me to thinking about this quote, “Love where you live.” You know what? Truthfully, the low country is breathtakingly gorgeous. The sights, sounds, smells, culture, history, all of it in its way, beautifully meld together as a stew of sorts. All of a sudden, I saw that phrase in a new light. There is something more profound, more exquisite, more convicting than the first glance.

Love where you live.

Immediately, I took a moment to pause and ponder. Am I representing Love well where I live? While being burdened about what others thought of me allowing my baby to play with another baby, did I consider how Love behaves? Instead of assuming the worse about how this other lovely mama might feel, would Love want me to think the best?

Abba wanted me to realize loving where I live, I must first be love by yielding to His love. The motives of others and the craziness of society could lead us to be helicopter moms, never providing our children the chance to embrace their childhood. Yet, what if we changed the narrative by submitting to God and allowing Holy Spirit to flow His love through us in practical ways? What if we faced our fears by our willingness to become uncomfortable so we can win another sister for the kingdom—maybe even win our children as well?

I could go deeper, but I won’t. I will leave you with this challenge. As you and your family vacate this summer, intentionally allow love to lead you. Press into God’s heart and love the unapproachable and undesirable. Remember how He pursued you and love like that. Watch your children and see how love leads them. You might be surprised at what they can teach you.

Read the book of 1 John.


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