Money Talks: Dollars and Sense


Getting this money in order is nothing short of AMAZING! You know what? We can pride ourselves on many things, and trust me when I say that I know this too well. Yet that pride is a killer. It’s also stupid. Think about it. Pride keeps us from reaching specific goals, connecting with different people, getting help when we need it, etc. In this instance, arrogance was becoming our downfall because we handled our money foolishly and allowed it to lead us instead of us commanding it. We had to exercise the sense God gave us to steward our money and tell it where to go.

Maybe that’s you, and it’s not about money. Yet there’s something in your life that is leading you down a path you never meant to tread, and it shouldn’t have the power to do so. The good Lord gave you a mind to discern between good and evil and His Word to direct you when you don’t know what to do. Well, tap into what He’s placed in you and recognize what is of value, allowing Him, instead of stuff or situations, to lead you.

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I know it was a short read today but stay tuned for a video coming on Wednesday to piggyback on this topic.

*Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Ramsey Solutions in any way, shape, or form, nor am I a financial coach. These are merely my opinions and convictions about a program I happen to find beneficial for my family and myself.

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