Bible Backstories: Is There More Than This?

More Than This. Her Song.

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There’s got to be more than this.
We sing and cry and dance—but no one answers back.
There’s got to be more than this.
We worship gods who’re silent, and we’ve lost track of time.
But, maybe, well, what if it’s just me?
Have I lost our way?
Can I really say what has made me realize there must be more than this?
There is more than this.

Her Story

As Ruth listened to the trickling rain, she waited and wondered. She often heard the stories her mother-in-love shared about her God. They held and captivated her. She knew her culture’s gods were powerful but were they anything like Naomi’s? Even other people groups feared Him. But Naomi said He loved relentlessly.

“Could He ever love someone like me?” Ruth whispered to herself as Chilion snored softly beside her.

Because I am love, I’ve called you by your name, My daughter Ruth.

Startled, she sat up, wondering who spoke to her. But deep down inside, she knew. The One Naomi said is the I AM spoke to her! He called her by her name! Oh, what joy filled her heart! Yet, she didn’t know what to do with that. Should she respond to Him? What’s next?

One thing she knew for sure—somehow, He’s everything she’s been looking for and more. This God could answer every question Ruth didn’t even know to ask. Yet, she sensed she should begin with Him by asking.

The Answer

[a]Ask, and it will be given to you; [b]seek, and you will find; [c]knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

Matthew 7:7-8, NASB1995

Hello loves, I pray that no matter your background or history, like Ruth in this story (and you can find out her true story as shown in the Word by clicking here), you begin to search out the Lord. He’s ready for whatever questions you have, and no ritual is necessary. Honestly, the best way to reach Him is through your sincerity of heart.

He loves you and has called you by your name as well.


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