My Life Now: Embracing Change and Transformation

Good morning, beauties! This is the day the Lord has made, and I’m rejoicing today. My life now is transforming before my very eyes. I want to share this very personal blog post because I want you also to embrace the journey the Lord has for you.


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If we had the luxury of knowing each other, you’d know about me I’m passionate about Jesus Christ and all things biblical. Well, since it’s November while I’m writing this, the season is autumn. Such a beautiful time of celebrations and crop harvests, with warm shades of reds, oranges, and gold displayed in nature.

However, my prayers have lately led me to pray for regulating seasons, contrary to how meteorologists predict this autumn and winter for where I live. Genesis taught us how God created the sun and moon for time and seasons! Well, what does this have to do with my life personally?

As a wife, mom, and daughter—among many other things—I had to embrace the changing of my last season and the regulation of this one. We’re still in the childbirth and rearing stages of parenting, our third son coming by the end of December, yet, there’s more to right now than that. I’m learning to weave together the various parts of my calling, so nothing is clashing, instead flowing harmoniously. Also, I realized that my season is not bound by time constraints but hinges upon the Word of God.


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Some say that having many gifts and talents signifies a high spiritual anointing. Yet, I see it as entrustments that the Lord wants us to cultivate. Unfortunately, I started placing mine on the back burner because I thought I had to choose between motherhood and gifts. Yet, thank God, I realized to operate as the best wife, mom, daughter, and friend the Lord desires is by bridging the gaps. He never told me to separate my gifts and talents—all things are supposed to work together for my good.


This is the part that I don’t like, yet I know it’s producing godliness and humility within me. The stretching, pruning, refining, etc., was never meant to stop me from forward movement with the Lord but to encourage me to run all the more toward Him. Tragedy and disappointments have tried to muzzle me, but there’s more to me than the passing, ending storms. I won’t say that I’m thankful for the dark places, but in the dark, I worship and find joy gurgling within as a refreshing water brook.

My Life Now

“Joy Unfolding” My latest photo taken by Falando Jones Photography ©2022

To sum it up, I won’t prematurely say all the steps I’m taking while transforming and changing. Nevertheless, I’m grateful that this is where I am, as the pieces form a beautiful picture, one of God’s masterpieces.

Embrace where you are and choose contentment because transformation is happening, and the results are glorious. I’m cheering for you, sis!



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