My Youngest Prince

Hey, girl, hey! Y’all made this one proud! I see y’all liked looking at things from Baby Jance’s perspective yesterday. You know, there is much to learn when looking at life through a child’s eyes. While writing this, I have two children, one is four, and the other is one (almost two). You know, it’s pretty amazing seeing them approach things that are new to them. Sometimes I stare at the baby (yes, I still call him baby most times, lol) and wonder what is on his mind.

“His Thoughts”

Bathtime fun with brother.
I can’t wait to see her, though.
Lavender and liquid gold.
It’s not her favorite, but it’s mine.
Safe. Warm. Love.
My birthday’s coming soon—
will this end?
Will I still be her baby?
I hope so.
Until then, I can’t leave her side.
His queen. Our mommy.

Transitioning from one stage to the next is never easy, but I hope we make it enjoyable for our youngest prince. He’s a month away from two years old tomorrow. We’re blessed. I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

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