October is here! Intentional • Redeem • Harvest

Good morning, queen, and welcome to October! It’s hard to believe this blessed year of 2020 is almost over, but here we are in the 10th month!

God is saying…

I asked the Lord what is He saying to me this month, and highlighted were the words intentional and redeem.

intentional (adjective) done by intention or design

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

redeem (verb) to buy back; repurchase

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Digging Deeper

During this summer, Abba informed me that He wastes nothing—and neither should I. What am I allowing the stay-at-home wife life and mom life look like for me? What is my resolve? Am I focusing on what God requires of me right now?

Redeem has several meanings, yet I know Abba is speaking regarding my ability to repurchase my time. I don’t currently know that exact window of opportunity, and that’s okay. He expects me to flow with what I know and thrive there until more revelation comes.

As I was closing out this post, I heard harvest. As we are intentional and redeeming the time, the Lord wants us to focus on His harvest.

Your turn!

What is God saying to you for this month? If you didn’t ask Him, go ahead and do it and wait for what He says. If you’re uncertain about His word for you, be honest with Him. One thing I do know is what the Lord speaks is supported by the Word of God, even if it doesn’t fit our narratives.

Let me know in the comments and let’s willingly obey what Abba desires in this month.

Photos courtesy of Falando Jones Photography.
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