Once Upon a Door Knock—Harriet’s Sonnet

Hey, girl, hey! I’m still stretching, and now we’re back to our series, “Once Upon a Door Knock.” In tonight’s post, I’m digging into my arsenal and picking up with Chance and Harriet with a sonnet.

Harriet’s Sonnet

My past! How could he know who I would be?
Screaming, blasts and sirens were ringing out.
My heart shivered as Ben’s breath released
Darkness cloaked my mind and soul with doubt.

Nelson took his sword and chopped them down—
Guerrillas, thieves, assassins, and the like.
My daddy beamed because he found the crown.
And I knew that this would start the marriage rite.

A year passed, and this princess lost all she had.
A son was born from love that passed away.
A ghetto hood replaced my luxurious pad
Yet, peace and joy are now a permanent stay.

What will this life of mystery now behold
As the diamond treasures reveal stories untold.

Well, y’all, here it is! The follow-up to what Harriet thought as she opened the beautiful wooden box. Please leave your thoughts about it in the box below.

Featured photo by Tomsadventures on Unsplash

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