Once Upon a Door Knock, part 3

Hey, girl, hey! It’s time we get back to the story. Don’t forget to read parts one and two for your recap!

The Exchange

Thankful the sun was scorching because the flush from the weather was hiding Officer Chance blushing. He thought he was prepared for meeting his brother’s widow–not even close. She had to be every bit of 5’0″ at the most, a smooth, rich shade of ebony. Even though she was modestly dressed, Chance knew she was curvy in all the right places. Glancing at her baby, he had no doubts that he was Nelson’s boy.

“Uh, Mrs. McLeardon?”

“I’m so sorry, Officer Stowe, it is? Please come in.”

Jance clung tightly to her, softly whining because he still needing nursing while curiously looking at this stranger. Harriet fanned towards a chair as Chance took it all in. The aged tile and tattered carpet were eyesores, but he could tell that she was a neat woman.

“Officer Stowe, why are you here?”

“Ma’am. Nelson McLeardon was my best friend and yesterday I’m just finding out about you. The precinct received this package for you and it was my job to deliver it.” Chance offered the wooden box to a curious, but misty-eyed Harriet.

While taking it she said, “I don’t know what to say. I honestly didn’t know about you either. Yet there is so much I didn’t know about his life either. Not saying things would have been different but if only I’d known…” Harriet’s words trailed off as she looked inside. She trembled, and asked Chance, “What does this mean, Officer Stowe?”

“You mean, you don’t know? Nelson didn’t tell you what he did?”

Mystery Begins

Shaking her head no, she held tiny, sleeping, satisfied Jance closely. Yeah, she married Nelson, but he was a mystery to her. She knew very little about him other than the rescue.

Sighing, Chance said, lowly, “Mrs. McLeardon, according to this person I’ve spoken with, you and Jance here are monetarily set for life. But the catch is it will only be on the terms Nelson left with his attorney. Right now, I’m to be your bodyguard and informat because everything around you is about to change. I wish I could tell you more, ma’am, but I can’t. You have to agree with whatever I say to you over the next 48 hours. I know you want to object, but in all honesty, I only know a little more than you do, and it’s not nearly enough to give you the answers you need.”

“I guess this is why Nelson said once we married, the mystery has officially begun.”

I tried my best with this one today. However, I see where I want to take it but the question is in how to get it there. 😀 No worries, though, because I’m still stretching. Anyway, I love you all to the moon and back. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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