Once Upon a Door Knock, part 2

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The Officer

“Chance, I’m reassigning you to spearhead the community outreach division. Corporal Pettigrew is showing you the ropes so link up with him. In the meantime, there’s a special delivery you need to make. Go and see Barb over on Ward St. for more information,” Cheif Linnenbraum said. Weighing a portly 251 pounds, it amazed Chance how the short, middle-aged man could keep up with them. He smiled softly to himself as he thought of the unexpected blessing he received in being reassigned. Although he’s newer than his colleagues, he’s had his fair share of violence and traffic violations to last a lifetime. Chance has always had a heart for serving his community, just not as the pastor his mom had imagined for him.

Quickly, Chance gathered his things and sprinted out the door to head over to Aunt Barb’s office. It didn’t take him long to get there, and to his amazement, he found her waiting anxiously near the entrance.

“Aunt, I mean, Officer Barb. What’s going on? Why were you waiting for me at the door?” Chance asked curiously. Looking closer, not only was she waiting, she seemed slightly off today. What in the world is going on with her? I wonder should I call my dad and see what he thinks.’ he thought to himself. Unlike the other guys on the force, Barb was his aunt, his father’s older sister in real life.

“Come here and look at my desk and tell me what you think,” Barb cooly replied. A little annoyed and mostly confused, Chance consented and walked to her desk. What he saw next stopped him dead in his tracks.

Once in a Million

An exquisite hand-carved wooden box was on her desk, with an engraved message, “To Harriet, with all of my love. Nelson.” Chance’s heart began racing because his best friend Nelson came to mind, but he passed seven months ago. He also didn’t know who this Harriet woman was because, as far as Chance knew, he was as single as they came. Barb motioned for him to open the box.

Inside was the most beautiful hand-crafted diamonds he’d ever seen. Those alone had to be worth every bit of a fortune, and whoever this Harriet was would be set for life, along with her children’s children. Upon regaining his composure, Chance asked, “So, who is Aunt Harriet, and what do you need me to do about this box?”

“Chance, what are you talking about? Harriet wasn’t Nelson’s aunt. She was his wife.”
“His what?! Nelson wasn’t married, Auntie! We’ve been brothers for years. What are you trying to say?”
“He got married when you were on tour. He didn’t want anyone to know, especially you, because He knew you’d flip if you found out he had gotten secretly married and was soon to be a father.”

Raking his hands through his hair, he spun around. “A what?!”

“Furthermore, Chance. Your real assignment is to serve as Harriet and her baby’s bodyguard. They’re currently living on the East Side, but you’ll find out more specifics when you call this number.”

Aunt Barbara was something else. But now, she seemed reserved and withholding, like she knew that Chance was walking into something that would change his life forever.

Lord, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to have to trust You. That’s all I’ve ever really wanted, son. I got you, now make that phone call.

I hope you’re liking it so far, I’m trying to stretch myself, and y’all are my peeps, so there’s that part. Leave me some encouragement and love below as I imagine the next part of the story for tomorrow!

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