Operation: Holy Child

I’m not perfect, but I try my best, and I love learning what Abba teaches us from the synagogue. But I’m not that good. I made many empty promises to Scott that I’ll never be able to keep. Isha says to stop being so hard on myself because youngins like me hardly know what we’re talking about anyway. Something about how our brains ain’t fully formed or whatever.

Sounds pretty silly, if you ask me. I’m pretty sure YHWH knows how to make a whole brain just fine. Now they might work differently, but that still ain’t really His fault.

Anyway, back to Scott. He was my best friend, and he always knew just what to do to make me laugh. Well, a few days ago, he made me really mad. Got home from the market, and my room was a mess.

And you know what else? I got in trouble for it! I did what any 12 and a half-year-old girl would do. Well, I wished Scott would just die so I wouldn’t be in trouble anymore.

You won’t believe this but, poof! He disappeared! I have no words except my dog vanished in thin air.


“Agent Scott, are you sure this is the right person for the mission? She seemed gung-ho about wishing you away.”

“Yes, Agent Kelly. This little human is definitely the best Earth has to offer,” agent Scott chuckled.

“Okay. Well, let’s go tell the Commander in Chief that we found Code M.A.R.Y. just like He said. We’ll watch her the next few years, but Special Ops Gabe will be heading that assignment.”


Stay tuned to find out what happens next in Operation: Holy Child 1.0!

Via Daily Prompt: Inchoate

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