Pit Stop to Pain

Courtesy of Falando Jones Photography

Watching tick tocks escape and I think back to when she was here.

Dazed, confused, aimless, abused beautiful terror… at least that’s how I saw her

No man wanted to keep her but they smiled in her face, like Babylon the great they went through her.

Her eyes almost screamed unnatural agonies, obscenities, but someone was calling her name

Daughter! I made you! Let me save you and change you! Heal your heart and rearrange you… better yet just transform

No matter the storm, your hope ain’t gone, don’t fight just hold on to me and die already

Trust me on this, I promise you’ll live and stop trying to figure me out because you can’t.

So goes the dance of my heart when I think of that time when that girl learned to dance and sing from that mighty breasted King who became her everything

She found herself completely changed because her pit stop to pain gave her shame a new name and she’s grace, I’m still amazed

At his love,

His sweet, pure sound, hallelujah I’m found, in His love wells of life profound

Undone, I’m done, and HE said, “it is done,” that settles it, we won

As I remember when He saved a former wretch like me

©2018 Candace A. Jones

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