Playtime Matters

Hey, girl, hey! Yesterday, I had you get the scoop on how to mom well, like a boss. Today, we’re focusing on playtime matters.

mother and baby playing together
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“Mom, let’s play with trucks,” said the firstborn. My mind tried to find every way out, but my love for him won. You see, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, children need all five love languages expressed to them. That willingness to spend that time playing with him gave him the respect and love he needed. It also helped me to enjoy the moment.

As SAHMs and wives, we have so many monotonous things on our daily to-do lists. Yet, we need to factor in the time that slows us down to focus on that moment. That’s when some of the best memories are made, and bonds are strengthened.

That’s all I wanted to share. I hope you give it a try.



Pssst! I wanted to share this reminder with you. Do a Google search for play centers, or check out Facebook for mom groups you can connect with within your area. Maybe even read some self-help books that help you flourish and shine with your children.

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