Poetry in Motion, Day 1

“The Dance of Victory”

Bible verses penetrated her heart
While darkest night squeezed upon her soul.
To kill her will was Death’s ultimate goal,
But the Finisher declared her victory from the start.

Cold, icy talons tried to rip her apart,
But the Victor once again proved His control.
The devils flailed and cowered under His hold,
While she received the strength, He chose to her impart.

With power she arose, with fire in her gaze,
Grace became the power of her dance.
Running in the wind, she paused to praise
The One who gave her life another chance.
And with the victory won, and life is a new day,
Grace freely lives to help His kingdom advance.

One of the most challenging poems I wrote today because I honestly forgot all of the rules. Guess what? I’ll work on getting all of that together. I love y’all and will see you tomorrow!

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