Poetry in Motion, Day 2


In a hurry, she began to worry because of the stacking bills.
Without a dime to her name, covered in shame, she thought she’d pop some pills.
Something was tugging at her heart, steady nudging, but she pushed it from her mind.
She heard Him before and thought, “What a bore! I don’t even have the time.”

Lo and behold, it’s as though she found gold because things got “better” for her.
Debts now paid off, a new house and cool loft, the best for her and her daughter.
Yet again, there it was. She tried to ignore it—it insulted her wit and her mind.
With pride, she proclaimed, “What I have is my gain because those fantasies aren’t worth my time.”

But, that’s the problem with luck, we’re good until we’re stuck as what happened to our old friend.
Neither riches nor fame, or her well-known name, told her she was at life’s end.
Standing before The Throne of the One who called her home, she thought, “I’ll get another try.”
But to His dismay, it pained Him to say, “I don’t know you. You never had the time.”

This post is a fictional piece, but the message bears truth. There is One who loves you for you, no matter your flaws, even if you don’t think you need Him. He cares for you, period. Try Jesus Christ today. What do you have to lose?

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Featured photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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