Poetry in Motion, Day 4

“The Rules”

I wish I could remember the rules
The tools, and tips, and strategies
To make my poetry more than cool—
Filling it with great imagery

There are metaphors and similies
To cause a sonnet to flow
Onomatopoeia and verse that’s free
That helps an epic poem grow

Trying to pull them out of memory
Made me feel a bit dated.
Now I’ve started, I need to be
Less thinking and less feeling jaded.

I found some notes from yesteryear
And I’ll use them to make me better.
I’ll do my best without any fear
Following rules to the letter.

It’s not always easy to write perfect poetry that follows all the rules. Yet, I do know growth happens when we try a thing.

Maybe you’re like me, and you’re doing something that was out of touch. Be encouraged to keep trying, to keep going. Your consistency speaks volumes, even to those you will never know are watching.

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