Poetry in Motion, Day 5

Hey, girl, hey! So, you know I have some pretty cool friends. Well, for today’s poem, I decided to do something special for a good bit of my author friends. Please read it and enjoy!

“Hide Behind Titles”

Sometimes we forget it’s always been about Jesus posture,
And act on our own, as if we’re not mantled for manifestation.
Of what?
His power? Kingdom? Might?
Fire on display, love unashamed,
Unapologetically flowing in His vein
For such a time as this.

Instead, we get caught up, like lithium dreams,
As if life was nothing more than a melancholy sunrise
Just throwing it all away.
Who do we think we are, though?
I wish I knew

Did we forget we’re supposed to be
Finding hope in chaos?
Light in the darkness?
Preparing our hearts to know
How to survive marriage
to the Lamb?

That’s what happens when we hide behind titles.

I hope you get to check out each book I’ve mentioned in this poem! They all offer something different—and there’s more to each author than just the books listed. Connect with them on social media!

Featured photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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