Radiantly Arise

Risen King

Ascended above after

Dealing death its final blow

Indeed, what a love to give so freely

Although many defy and deny Him

Nevertheless He took their place,

This is how Truth met Grace

I don’t always know what to write and tonight was one of those nights. My mind screamed PROFOUND while my heart whispered simple. Who won? Both. And how does the above “poem” describe radiant? Maybe it’s because my heart fills with joy when I’m reminded of how much the Perfect One loves me–and you. He conquered death, y’all. A meme would probably say, “One does not simply conquer death.” But Jesus Christ did! I can’t help but send light out because His nature is in me, and He pierces through the darkness.

Before I close this, I ask you to give Him a try. What have you got to lose? Let the love and light of Christ encourage you. He’s waiting with arms wide open.

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